Ethersheet 1.0

Over the past several years, online office tools such as Google Docs have become an integral part of many people’s lives. These tools allow you to collaborate and create documents, spreadsheets, surveys, and presentations online and in real time. However, many of these tools are privately owned and are not designed to prioritize security and anonymity. Ethersheet is the first open source, online, collaborative, fully-featured spreadsheet that is built specifically with anonymity and security in mind.

With funding from the ISC Project, a team of technologists from Radical Designs Cooperative, a California-based company, improved upon the existing Ethersheet prototype and built a stable version of the online spreadsheet tool. To make the tool ready to use, the developers incorporated a number of features commonly used in spreadsheets such as formulas, number formatting, color and text formatting, column sorting, and column renaming. In addition, Radical Designs improved Ethersheet’s user interface and design, adding enhancements such as undo and redo functions, horizontal scaling, and import and export ability for common data formats. Finally, the team completed a security and anonymity audit, fixing any bugs that the audit uncovered.

The resulting product is Ethersheet version 1.0. While this version is still in beta stage, a team of developers continues to make the necessary improvements to provide a functional, user-friendly, secure, and anonymous online spreadsheet.

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