Helpful Links

Below, you will find links to various organizations that focus on Internet freedom and security, freedom of expression/press, human rights, and/or access to information. These organizations may have additional information and resources available that are relevant to your or your organization’s needs.


Access is a human rights organization that defends the digital rights of Internet users by building their technical capacity and helping them to advocate globally for their digital rights.


Benetech is a US-based nonprofit organization that has developed the human rights reporting software Martus and implements technology social ventures such as Bookshare, which provides e-books to people with print disabilities.

Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ)

Committee to Protect Journalists is a nonprofit organization that promotes press freedom and defends journalists’ rights. It organizes public protests, publishes articles, news releases, and reports, such as the annual “Attacks on the Press” publication.

Freedom House

Freedom House is a nonprofit organization that conducts research and advocacy on democracy, political freedom, and human rights. Its signature reports include the annual “Freedom in the World,” “Freedom of the Press,” and “Freedom of the Net” publications.

Front Line Defenders

Front Line Defenders is a human rights organization that works towards an overall objective of enabling human rights defenders as key agents of social change to continue their work without the risk of harassment, intimidation, or arrest. It focuses on digital security by providing grants, publishing training materials, and organizing events.


IFEX is a global network of 80 independent nonprofit organizations that work to defend and promote freedom of expression. It raises awareness by sharing information online, producing special reports, and mobilizing action on issues such as press freedom, Internet censorship, and attacks on free expression.

NDITech Democracy Works

The NDITech DemocracyWorks is an international Internet freedom and technology blog, which is managed by the National Democratic Institute’s ICT team.

Open Internet Tools Project (OpenITP)

The Open Internet Tools Project is a group that incubates a collection of open source projects to enable anonymous, secure, reliable, and unrestricted communication on the Internet. It also organizes digital security-related conferences and events.

OpenNet Initiative

The OpenNet Initiative investigates, exposes, and analyses Internet filtering and surveillance practices in an effort to inform better public policy and advocacy work. It produces country reports as well as larger special publications and books.

SANS Institute’s Security Policy Resource

Looking for more than tools? Need some policies, standards or guidelines to help meet the information security needs of your organization? The ISC Project recommends these free templates at SANS Institute’s website.

Tactical Tech

Tactical Tech is dedicated to the use of information in activism. It produces toolkits, guides, and films, and provides activists with trainings and events to help them better use social media tools, mobile phones, digital security, and information design.