SMEX launches Tasharuk, a Collaborative Knowledge Base for Netizens

Do you believe in collaboration? Are you looking to share your training materials or learn from others? Would you benefit from a repository of knowledge focused on digital media? If so, we invite you to become a user of Tasharuk, a new collaborative knowledge base where netizens can search, add, collect, share, and rate resources that focus on using social technologies to strengthen their societies.

Our partner Social Media Exchange (SMEX), a Lebanese nonprofit organization that provides training and consulting to activists on the strategic use of digital and social media, has developed Tasharuk with a generous support from Hivos. With a name that means “to collaborate” in Arabic, this searchable platform makes it easier for digital media trainers, activists, and civil society groups not only to find high-quality guides, manuals, reports, instructional videos, tutorials, software, and other tools, but also to amplify and organize these materials. SMEX hopes the platform will foster closer collaboration among digital media trainers and advocates worldwide, as well as identify knowledge gaps.

To make this possible, SMEX needs your help. The team is inviting human rights activists, technology trainers, and those producing digital security training materials to explore the platform and add new resources. All this takes are six simple steps:

1. Sign up for a Tasharuk account (here are a short guide and a key to the icons)
2. Search for a resource (do not miss the Advanced Search option)
3. Add a resource through the submit resource page
4. Start a collection in your personal library
5. Share a resource via social media (short links are available)
6. Rate a resource by giving it stars and leaving a comment

Tasharuk already has more than 500 resources organized into 40 categories, such as access to information, citizen reporting and journalism, digital rights, human rights, open knowledge and open source, women, and youth. The SMEX team is happy to incorporate new categories, and it invites you to share your feedback and feature requests via the feedback tab or by emailing

Tasharuk is available in Arabic and English. For more information, please visit