Training Resources

Security in-a-Box: Tools and Tactics for Your Digital Security

A collaboration between Tactical Technology Collective (Tactical Tech) and Front Line Defenders, Security in-a-Box provides solutions to digital security concerns, including relevant free and open source tools. The site is available in 13 languages.

Surveillance Self-Defense Project (SSD Project)

Hosted by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), the SSD Project educates visitors on the legal aspects of digital surveillance in the United States. The site outlines the types of spying the US government can and cannot legally implement, and also legal ways, in which the public can protect itself from spying.

Anonymous Blogging with WordPress and Tor

Ethan Zuckerman wrote this guide several years ago to educate bloggers on how their identity could be exposed. Though the document is out of date (last updated in 2009), it still has many relevant considerations for anyone wishing to be blogging anonymously.

Journalism and Media Courses by Transitions Online (TOL)

Though most of the courses focus on practical everyday training for journalists, TOL is also known to host social media and online security courses. Not all of them are free, but look under sponsored courses to apply for free training opportunities.

Journalist Security Guide

Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) hosts a thorough guide for all considerations when reporting in the field. This includes a modest guide on digital security. It is always good to understand the physical threats in conjunction with data security.

Me & My Shadow

Tactical Tech hosts Me & My Shadow to educate users on how their web browsing creates traceable data. The guide discusses social media, mobile devices, end user agreements, and browser security awareness.

Prism Break

Learn which online services are allegedly a part of PRISM and which open source alternatives exist to protect your privacy online.

Digital Security and Privacy for Human Rights Defenders

Front Line Defenders have published a book for human rights activists to learn about computer and Internet security issues. It is available in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

Cyber Arabs

This resource provides information, videos, and tutorials that address information security updates, mobile security, social media, and other relevant topics specific to the Arab world.

Small World News Training Guides

Downloadable versions of “Guide to Safely and Securely Producing Media” and “Guide to Safely Using Satphones” are available in English and Arabic. The Satphone guide is specific to Syria.

Basic Internet Security Guide

Greenhost and Free Press Unlimited came together to publish this guide on basic digital security. It is open source in order to stay up to date with quick revisions.

Bypassing Internet Censorship

Written at two Book Sprints in 2008 and 2011, this manual introduces the topic of censorship and provides guidance on software and methods to circumvent censorship.

Internet Censorship Wiki

This wiki for all things related to Internet censorship has over 190 articles, including country-specific recommendations.

SaferJourno: Digital Security Resources for Media Trainers

Developed by Internews, this free step-by-step training toolkit is geared toward media trainers who teach digital safety and online security. Easy to use lesson plans are in six different modules: assessing risks, basic protection, mobile phone safety, keeping data safe, researching securely, and protecting email.

Manage Your Identity

The Internet Society developed three interactive online tutorials focused on identity and privacy. Each tutorial takes about five minutes and gives Internet users a solid foundation when it comes to making informed choices about their unique online identities. The tutorials are available in English, Spanish, French, and Bahasa Indonesian.

Digital Footprint Suite

A set of nine interactive online tutorials from the Internet Society provides an audio-visual guide on Digital Footprint topics. The tutorials are accompanied by a “framework” document that sets out the core concepts and then looks at each of them in a series of mini-briefings.


An instructional website created to enable less-technical users to setup and utilize Tor bridges to avoid online surveillance and censorship. AroundBlocks hosts low-bandwidth video tutorials on YouTube and the site itself, accompanied by English and Russian slides with audio.